Oral Surgery

Oral Surgeon in Ottawa

Are you in search of top-notch oral surgery services in Ottawa? Look no further! At Dr. Fathy Family Dental Care, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional oral surgery solutions tailored to meet your individual needs. As your premier oral surgeon in Ottawa, we specialize in a comprehensive range of oral surgical procedures aimed at enhancing your oral health and restoring your smile’s natural beauty.

When Do You Need Oral Surgery?

You may need oral surgery when dealing with specific dental issues that cannot be resolved with non-surgical treatments. Common reasons include impacted wisdom teeth, severe tooth decay, dental implants, corrective jaw surgery, and treatment for oral infections or cysts. Oral surgery is also necessary for repairing facial injuries, removing tumors, or treating severe gum disease. At Ottawa Smiles Family Dental, our team will assess your condition and recommend surgery if it’s the best option for your oral health and overall well-being.

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Don’t let oral health issues compromise your well-being. If you’re in need of oral surgery or other dental services, schedule a consultation. Let our experienced team assess your needs and develop a personalized treatment plan to restore your oral health and enhance your smile.