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About Ottawa Smiles Family Dental

Welcome to Ottawa Smiles Family Dental, your premier destination for top-notch Ottawa dentistry. Led by the well-known Dr. Fathy Sadek, an experienced dentist with over 25 years of experience, at our clinic, we’re committed to offering personalized and thorough services designed to address all aspects of your oral health.

As the best dentist clinic, we understand the importance of a beautiful smile & healthy teeth, which is why we offer a wide range of dental services aimed at maintaining and strengthening your dental well-being. From routine Dental cleanings to advanced gum treatments, teeth whitening, dental fillings, root canal therapy, oral surgery and innovative Invisalign treatments, we utilize the latest techniques and technologies to ensure optimal results for all our lovely patients.

What sets us apart is not only our expertise but also our commitment to our patient care. Dr. Sadek is known for his kind behavior and attentive approach, taking the time to listen to each patient’s concerns and customize treatment plans accordingly. We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment where patients feel comfortable and valued throughout their dental journey.

At Ottawa dental clinic, your satisfaction and oral health are our top priorities.

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Dr. Fathy Sadek

Welcome to Ottawa Smiles Family Dental

Dr. Fathy Sadek (DDS)

Dr. Fathy Sadek graduated Dentistry from Alexandria University, Egypt. This was followed by a post-graduate diploma in Conservative Treatment from Cairo University. Worked as a Specialist in the Gulf Area for 15 years.

Head of the Dental Department for 10 years in the Gulf Area. Licensed to Practice in Ontario, Canada since 2016.

Worked as an Associate Dentist in various clinics in Ottawa since then. Opened his own Dental Clinic, Ottawa Smiles Family Dental in September 2020. Dr. Fathy enjoys going to the gym, listening to soft music or simply taking a nice stroll.

Our Team

We are a diverse team, always with ready SMILES and happy hearts committed
to ensuring our clients’ positive dental experience.

Mebrhit Mehari

Dental Assistant

Mebrhit is our dedicated Dental Assistant whose passion for patient care knows no bounds. From the culturally rich land of Eritrea, Mebrhit brings a wealth of linguistic and cultural diversity to our practice, communicating in Tigrinya, Amharic and English.

Harshdeep Kaur

Office Admin

Working in Ottawa smiles family dental from last 9 months. Belongs to India (Punjab) and fluent in English, Punjabi and Hindi, effortlessly bridges communication gaps and fosters a welcoming environment for patients and colleagues alike.

Thuraya Doud


Thuraya known for her warm smile and genuine love for people. With a growth mindset, she’s always eager to learn and grow professionally, embracing new challenges with enthusiasm. Beyond her work, Thuraya finds joy in morning coffees and creative writing, indulging in journaling, poetry, and imaginative pursuits. With her commitment to excellence and passion for connection, Thuraya enriches both workplace culture and customer experiences alike.

Stephy Johnson

Administrator & Assistant
Meet Stephy Johnson, our dedicated dental administrator and assistant, bringing a wealth of expertise to our practice. Stephy holds a Bachelor’s in Dental Surgery from India, ensuring a strong foundation in oral healthcare. Complementing her clinical background, she pursued a Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Administration from Canada, sharpening her skills in managing and enhancing patient care experiences, nearly 5 years of professional experience.

With Stephy’s unique blend of clinical knowledge and administrative prowess, she ensures each patient receives personalized attention and top-notch care. From scheduling appointments to providing support during treatments, Stephy is committed to making your visit seamless and comfortable.

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Dr Fathy and his team are available from 9 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Saturday

1935 Bank St. Ottawa,

ON K1V 8A3, Canada.


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