Dental Filling

Teeth Filling in Ottawa

Welcome to Ottawa Smiles Family Dental, where your family’s dental health is our top priority. We understand the importance of maintaining strong & healthy teeth, which is why we offer expert dental/teeth filling services to address cavities and restore your smile to its full potential.

What is a Dental/Teeth Filling?

A teeth filling, also known as a tooth filling, is a common procedure used to repair and restore teeth that have been damaged by decay or cavities. When bacteria in the mouth produce acids that erode the enamel of the teeth, it creates small holes known as cavities. If left untreated, cavities can lead to further decay and even tooth loss.

Why Ottawa Smiles Family Dental for Cavity Dental Fillings?

At Ottawa Smiles Family Dental our experienced team of dentists specializes in cavity dental filling to effectively treat cavities and prevent further decay. Using latest techniques and materials, we ensure that your dental filling is durable, functional and visually attractive.

What is the Procedure?

  • Numbing: Our skilled dentists will first numb the affected area to keep you comfortable during the procedure.
  • Removing Decay: They will then remove the decayed part of your tooth and clean the cavity to prevent further decay.
  • Filling the Cavity: Once the cavity is clean, they will fill it with a composite material that matches the color of your natural teeth.
  • Restoring Function and Appearance: This filling will restore both the function and appearance of your tooth, making it look and feel like new.
Benefits of Dental Fillings:
  • Restores the strength and structure of the tooth
  • Prevents further decay and damage
  • Improves chewing and biting function
  • Enhances the appearance of your smile